400 Free Tools For Business Building

There are a lot of specialized tasks involved in building a successful online business. If you’re a programmer, a graphic artist, a website designer, a search engine optimization whiz, a copy writer, and a social media expert, you might be able to do it all on your own. But most entrepreneurs need help. Hiring an expert is one way to get ‘er done, but first, check out this list of FREE self-service business building tools…

Build and Grow With Free Tools

Ali Mese describes himself as a “freelancer, blogger, and wanderer.” Once an Ivy League MBA consultant for Bain and Company, Mese got tired of spending 20 hours a day “staring at spreadsheets.” So he quit his high-paying, prestigious job to start his own business. His blog post about that transition racked up half a million page-views on its first day.

Mese’s first venture was PIRQS, a so-called “creative agency” that billed itself as “the startup for startups.” His passion is helping entrepreneurs build their dreams, one tiny brick at a time. Today, Mese blogs between consulting gigs and offers online classes to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Free business building tools

One of Mese’s favorite tricks is to “create value” from what others might think is of little value, or none. A fine example is his Web page entitled, 400 Awesome Free Tools to Build Your Business.

Basically, it’s a set of bookmarks made public; or, as Mese puts it, a “curated” collection of resources from other publications. It’s well organized into categories such as “Business & Marketing,” “Design & Code,” “Work & Productivity,” and “Discover & Learn.

Subcategories under “Business & Marketing” include “Free Website & Logo & Hosting & Invoicing,” “Free Business/Project Name Generators,” “Writing/Blogging” tips, “Free SEO & Website Analyzers,” and so on.

Each resource’s entry includes a link and brief description. Here are a few that leaped out at me:

  • Templated: A collection of 845 free CSS & HTML5 site templates.
  • Strikingly: Free, unlimited mobile optimized websites for striking domains.
  • Withoomph: Beautiful logos designed instantly.
  • Invoice to me: Free Invoice Generator.
  • Short Domain Search: Find short, available single-word domain names.
  • Naminum: Discover a perfect company name.
  • Hemingway: The Hemingway App makes your writing bold and clear.
  • Liberio: Simple eBook creation and publishing right from Google Drive.
  • Editorial Calendar: A WordPress plug-in – see all your posts, drag & drop to manage your blog, schedule post writing and publication dates.
  • Quick Sprout: Complete analysis of your website, and recommendations to increase traffic.
  • Broken Links: Find broken links, redirects & more.
  • ImageOptimizer: Resize, compress and optimize your image files.
  • Social Image Resizer Tool: Create optimized images for social media.
  • Mailchimp: Send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free.
  • Sumome Scroll Box: Capture more email addresses, politely.
  • MyTweetLinks: WordPress plug-in – Increases Twitter traffic.
  • Latergramme: Schedule and manage Instagram posts.
  • Medium: is a community of writers and readers “with millions of ideas and stories from around the world.”
  • GrowthHackers: is a community of online entrepreneurs and corporate execs who swap ideas about how to grow businesses.

Of course, Mese created and maintains this list of carefully selected resources to attract search engine and referral traffic to it, and thereby introduce himself and his services to prospective clients. It’s a tactic that’s as old as Yahoo, which began as just such a curated list of links.

GrowthHackers.com has a link to an article entitled, “How to Use Curated Content To Know Your Customers Better.” http://www.allbusiness.com/curated-content-100744-1.html After reading it, you may want to start a curated list of your own.

Which one do you think would be most helpful in growing YOUR business? Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment or question below…

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