5 Backup Options for Small Businesses

Small business owners, especially sole proprietors, are always busy and often non-technical. They need to back up their critical business data but lack the time or expertise to do it. Fortunately, there are backup solutions designed for small business people. Here are some that are quick, easy to set up, and inexpensive…

Do You Have a Small Business Backup Strategy?

Forget about buying enterprise-priced backup software, heavy-duty servers and other expensive hardware. The new paradigms are “Business Cloud Backup” and “Recovery as a Service” (RaaS). That means your backup files reside “in the cloud” and you pay only for backup and recovery services, not for the infrastructure needed to provide them. Your backup files are stored safely off-site in well-protected data centers, managed by IT pros whose salaries you don’t have to pay.
All you have to do is specify what you want backed up and recovered. The backup service provider takes care of the rest automatically. Your data is encrypted before it leaves your business, travels over an encrypted Internet connection, and can’t be decrypted by the provider no matter what kind of warrant the government produces. If that sounds good to you, here are some small business backup/recovery solutions to check out:
Small Business Backup
Carbonite Pro Plans for Business start at $269 per year, and offer 250GB of cloud storage space. An unlimited number of computers and/or external storage devices can back up files to that shared space. Stash your financial data, healthcare records (they’re HIPPA compliant) or your top-secret plans to take over the world. US-based tech support is available by phone, email or chat They’ll even install the software on your business PCs at no charge.
Memopal is based in Italy, safe from U. S. government subpoenas. It serves customers in Asia, Europe, and the USA, in 15 languages. Memopal supports Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, a Web interface, and a Web-based, mobile-friendly interface. Memopal Business includes central account administration, scheduled backups and support. If you buy 300GB or more you get a free external backup drive for a fast initial backup. Business licensing is a little complex; the company’s online calculator will help you customize the plan you need, based on the number of computers and the amount of backup storage you need.
SpiderOak is simple, reliable, and inexpensive, which is why it’s a favorite among small businesses. Every bit of your data is encrypted from end to end, and even SpiderOak can’t read your account’s password. Of course, that means if you lose your password SpiderOak can’t help you; your data is gone forever. Pricing is simple: $100 per year per 100 GB of storage space (or $10 per month).
Crashplan+ for Business costs $10 per month per computer for unlimited storage space. In addition to the cloud storage option, Crashplan+ for Business allows local backups to removable media or servers. Crashplan works silently over wired, wireless and cellular networks, and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux computers.
JungleDisk is a true pay-for-use service. Instead of buying a fixed amount of storage space that you may not fill, you pay $5 per month plus $0.15 per GB used for the Server edition. Similar Personal and business Workgroup plans are available. Like SpiderOak, full “zero-knowledge” encryption ensures that only you know what’s in your backups and how to access it.
Of course there are many other backup service providers for small business. Some other names and offerings you may want to explore are Mozy, SOS Online Backup, Acronis, and Dropbox for Business.
Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. What is your business backup strategy? Post your comment or question below…

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  1. Just to add that non-specialised services can be reasonably priced.
    We have a ‘server’ in Belgium on a syncronous gigabite line with three terabytes of storage.
    Most are shocked at the prices charged by the ‘harder to find’ server farm intermediaries, we were.
    Many of the providers will set up as either servers or seedboxes (given it away now?) or both on a dedicated box.
    It may take a little more tech savvy but the cost savings are considerable. Speeds are amazing and limited more by ISP than server even when used by many users.
    P.S. Be careful many overcharge and it took us ages to find Xirvik, based in Spain but they speak good English and respond quickly to emails.

  2. David Meloni says

    I’ve been using Carbonite for Business and so far so good. You might think that 250GB isn’t enough backup storage for multiple workstations, but keep in mind that you don’t need to backup the entire hard drive — just the important documents and other things that can’t be easily recreated.

  3. I like SpiderOak’s security philosophy. They don’t control the keys to your kingdom — you do. Nobody can force them to decrypt your data, and you don’t need to worry about snooping. That’s why client-side encryption BEFORE sending the data to the backup server is important.

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