1. Graham Kervin says

    Hello Bob,
    An interesting article, I lived most of my life in the UK and found that you have to load up the shopping basket and go to checkout to find out the carriage charge and if you think its too expensive then that might be why carts are abandoned.
    I like to buy when delivery is free, I know the delivery cost has already been built into the product price, but I will have chosen the items at an acceptable cost (to me) so the free delivery is a bonus.


  2. Site security seals are clutter on the screen. I abandon carts very infrequently because I only use sites that meet my criteria. Really simple …
    Phone number OPTIONAL not mandatory — I get too many junk calls as it is
    Shipping costs ridiculously high or not shown before purchase
    I searched another site and found the price significantly lower than yours
    Convoluted ways to apply discount codes
    Mandatory setting up an account or having to accept their promotional emails

    That’s about it

    • Yep, Marty nailed it – these are absolutely reasons I would abandon a cart. However, without a “Trust logo”, I wouldn’t even begin shopping the site.

  3. I have abandoned the cart too many times because the merchant doesn’t let you know how much the shipping will be till the very end. Too often it is too costly and I abandon ship.
    I try to do most of my ordering now with merchants who have free shipping. It causes me not to abandon the cart. I also don’t get aggravated because of the surprise shipping and handling costs.

  4. Terry Hollett says

    Keeping in mind that they are just pictures that can be copied and pasted to any website.

  5. I ignore site seals. I abandon carts when shipping is shown only at check out and is too high, when I find a better deal on another site, I also gravitate toward sites with free shipping, but total cost is the final determinate. I do not worry too much about credit card security because usually the credit car company has my back. I NEVER shop with my bank account. Some credit card companies will generate a one-time-use card number (CitiBank for example) providing the best of both worlds. And always there is PayPal, although not all merchants offer it.

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