Is BYOD a Good Idea for Small Biz?

Many small businesses allow, even encourage employees to “BYOD” (bring your own device) instead of using company-issued ones. Letting workers use their personal phones and tablets for business saves money and training time. But BYOD, or any use of mobile devices with business networks, carries its own headaches. Here are some points to ponder, and tips for small business owners…
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Surface Pro 3: Your Next Business Laptop?

Has Microsoft finally gotten tablet PCs right, or has it jumped the shark with the new Surface Pro 3? Pundits’ opinions vary, with some gushing over the performance of the new “business laptop replacement” while others gasp at the price. Let’s take a look at both…

Seven Great Laptops for Business Travelers

A reader asks: I travel often for business, and my 5-year-old laptop is showing signs of age. What are some of the differences that make so-called ‘business laptops’ worth the extra money, and what laptop brands or models do you recommend for business users?

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