Social Marketing With Live Video Streams

Small business owners can now have their very own video broadcasting networks right in their pockets. Smartphone apps Periscope and Meerkat enable spontaneous or scripted recording of videos and instant broadcast to fans and customers on Twitter or Facebook. Here’s how it works…[Continue Reading…]

Yes, You Need an Ecommerce Platform

Maximizing online sales is more challenging than just adding shopping cart software to your website and waiting for customers to buy. Ideally, an ecommerce platform should help you reach prospects, draw them to your site, guide them through a painless purchase, fulfill their orders efficiently, and then stay in touch to keep them coming back for more. Oh, and it should tell you how well you’re doing these things, too. Read on…[Continue Reading…]

Is BYOD a Good Idea for Small Biz?

Many small businesses allow, even encourage employees to “BYOD” (bring your own device) instead of using company-issued ones. Letting workers use their personal phones and tablets for business saves money and training time. But BYOD, or any use of mobile devices with business networks, carries its own headaches. Here are some points to ponder, and tips for small business owners…
[Continue Reading…]

Mobilize Your Website (or else…)

Customers are increasingly moving to mobile tablets, phablets, and smartphones to shop and buy online, so if your site is designed for desktop and laptop PCs, you’re probably losing business. And there’s one other VERY important reason to have a mobile version of your online presence. Here are some simple and inexpensive ways to ‘mobilize’ your website…

14 Smartphone Apps for Business

A smartphone is an essential business tool these days. Judiciously equipped with the right apps, it can be a great productivity tool. There are thousands of smartphone apps, and many “best for business” lists. Here are some of the most powerful and profitable ones…

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