Social Marketing With Live Video Streams

Small business owners can now have their very own video broadcasting networks right in their pockets. Smartphone apps Periscope and Meerkat enable spontaneous or scripted recording of videos and instant broadcast to fans and customers on Twitter or Facebook. Here’s how it works…[Continue Reading…]

400 Free Tools For Business Building

There are a lot of specialized tasks involved in building a successful online business. If you’re a programmer, a graphic artist, a website designer, a search engine optimization whiz, a copy writer, and a social media expert, you might be able to do it all on your own. But most entrepreneurs need help. Hiring an expert is one way to get ‘er done, but first, check out this list of FREE self-service business building tools…[Continue Reading…]

Social Marketing With Twitter Website Cards

Marketing on Twitter is simple. You craft a Tweet of less than 160 characters that includes your enticing message and a compelling call to action (“Visit our site,” “Retweet this,” “Follow me,” etc.) then click “Send” and hope for results. It takes little time and costs nothing. It works, to some degree. But for a few advertising budget dollars, Twitter will help it work even better. Here’s the scoop…[Continue Reading…]

Tools for Social Media Marketing

More than ten years ago, consumers stopped taking seriously most businesses that didn’t have Web sites. Today, the same stigma is attached to businesses that aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever a consumer’s favorite social media network may be. If you wish to maximize sales, you’d better be using the social media that your customers use. Here are some tips and tools to make it easier…

The Best Social Media Exposure?

Advertising online to bring attention to your small business is tricky. Maintaining an active presence on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ has been one inexpensive way to attract eyeballs, but that game is changing…

Is LinkedIn Trustworthy?

I spend less time and energy with LinkedIn than I do with any other popular social network. I just can’t trust those guys. Trust is the belief that you can predict another person’s behavior with an acceptable degree of confidence, and I have no confidence that I can predict what mischief the LinkedIn folks will get up to next. Here’s why…

Are You Protecting Your Online Reputation?

Does it matter what people are saying about you online? If someone is posting unkind, unflattering, or downright false comments about your or your business, it may matter a lot. Your online reputation is at least as valuable as your offline reputation, and much easier to keep tabs on. You might be surprised at how much personal information can be found about you in cyberspace. Here’s how to track and defend your online reputation…

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