Are You Getting The Most Out Of Excel?

Microsoft Excel, now in its 28th year, is the unrivaled king of spreadsheet apps for business. But I’ll wager most people spend less than 28 minutes learning how to use it. As a result, you may be missing out on some nifty features that could help you boost productivity in your business back office…[Continue Reading…]

Protecting Against Online Extortion

No business is too small for online criminals. Just ask Mark Stefanick, president of Houston-based Advantage Benefits Solutions. With only about a dozen insurance and benefits consultants serving local small to medium businesses, Advantage might seem unlikely to draw the attention of online extortionists. But this little firm got hit with ransomware…[Continue Reading…]

Automating Repetitive Business Tasks

Jayme Fishman is a self-taught programmer who believes that the future of business coding should involve everyone in the organization – from the mail room to the CEO’s office. Fishman says that “the future of successful, entrepreneurial companies will be to empower employees at all levels so that they can automate workplace tasks, rather than rely on their IT department to do it for them.” Here’s how to make it happen…[Continue Reading…]

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