400 Free Tools For Business Building

There are a lot of specialized tasks involved in building a successful online business. If you’re a programmer, a graphic artist, a website designer, a search engine optimization whiz, a copy writer, and a social media expert, you might be able to do it all on your own. But most entrepreneurs need help. Hiring an expert is one way to get ‘er done, but first, check out this list of FREE self-service business building tools…[Continue Reading…]

Is Your WordPress Site Vulnerable?

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet, by a long shot. The open-source platform powers 23 percent of all websites, according to the statistics trackers at W3Techs.

Improve Sales With A/B Testing

Every business website has a “conversion goal” — a desired end result for each visitor. E-commerce sites exist to convert visitors into customers. News sites exist to convert visitors into subscribers. Other sites exist to convert visitors into trial users and eventually paid subscribers. A/B testing is a critical tool to get more of those desired results. Here’s how it works…
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Google Webmaster Tools

When it’s time to improve the performance of a page or an entire site, many Webmasters turn to Google Webmaster Tools, a free service offered by the leader in search. Read on to learn how you can tweak and tune your site in order to maximize your chances of being found by the people who are searching for the products and services you offer…
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Adding Search To Your Site

You may think your website is so simple and well organized that a search function is unnecessary. You would be wrong and that mistake would cost you money. Here’s why you need to add a search engine to your website…
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Get Your Business Online Easily

Microsoft and domain registrar Godaddy recently teamed up to offer small businesses a service called Get Online Today, that helps you establish a Web presence “in just a few minutes.” The cost is just $1 per month. Check out this offering, and some other ways to draw online eyeballs to your business, for free or on the cheap…

Hiring Freelancers Online

Most small businesses use contractors or freelancers for short-term projects such as graphic design, website creation and piecework jobs such as copy writing, photography, and so on. Thanks to the Web it’s never been easier to find independent contractors for almost any need, but there are some precautions you should understand first. Here are my tips on using freelancers to get stuff done…

Tips on Buying a Domain Name

Have you dreamed of having your own business website? Are you planning to register a dot-COM domain name, but you’re not sure where to start? Here are some helpful tips on how to pick a great name, register the domain, and get your new website up and running. I’ve demystified the process, so everyone can play! Read on…

Web Analytics: A Powerful, Free Tool

“What gets measured gets improved” is an old saying that applies to everything from weight loss to profit-and-loss. Measuring the many ways in which people interact with your website and adjusting the content or structure accordingly is a powerful way to improve your bottom line. Read on to learn how free web analytics can boost your bottom line…

So You Wanna Be a Webmaster?

I have a great idea for a website, but I’m not sure how it all works. I’m a quick learner with a limited budget, so I’d rather do it myself than hire a programmer. Can you recommend some good (free) webmaster training courses?

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