Bob Rankin is a small business owner - a writer, computer programmer and ecommerce expert who enjoys explaining technology in plain English. His work has appeared in Computer World, NY Newsday, and other publications. Bob is also publisher of Ask Bob Rankin, author of several computer books, and owner of Flowers Fast, the online florist service.

Is BYOD a Good Idea for Small Biz?

Many small businesses allow, even encourage employees to “BYOD” (bring your own device) instead of using company-issued ones. Letting workers use their personal phones and tablets for business saves money and training time. But BYOD, or any use of mo … [Continue reading]

Is Your WordPress Site Vulnerable?

Wordpress is the most popular content management system on the Internet, by a long shot. The open-source platform powers 23 percent of all websites, according to the statistics trackers at W3Techs. But whatever platform is most popular logically … [Continue reading]

VoIP Systems for Small Business

When it’s time for a new office phone system, you may want to consider VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) instead of a traditional PBX system. You’ll not only save money; you can also gain mobility and features that make your business more pro … [Continue reading]

Inkjet, Laser, or All-In-One Printer?

When shopping for a new printer, should you look for an inkjet or a laser? How about a plain old printer versus an all-in-one printer, scanner, copier, and fax? The inkjet vs. laser choice depends on what you print and how often you print it. An AIO … [Continue reading]

Improve Sales With A/B Testing

Every business website has a “conversion goal” -- a desired end result for each visitor. E-commerce sites exist to convert visitors into customers. News sites exist to convert visitors into subscribers. Other sites exist to convert visitors into tri … [Continue reading]

Google Webmaster Tools

When it’s time to improve the performance of a page or an entire site, many Webmasters turn to Google Webmaster Tools, a free service offered by the leader in search. Read on to learn how you can tweak and tune your site in order to maximize your c … [Continue reading]

Adding Search To Your Site

You may think your website is so simple and well organized that a search function is unnecessary. You would be wrong and that mistake would cost you money. Here's why you need to add a search engine to your website... … [Continue reading]

Visa Checkout: Another Way to Pay

Paypal is a familiar name. Apple Pay made a big splash recently. Amazon Payments rings a bell with over 200 million Amazon customers. But have you heard of Visa Checkout, the payment service offered by credit card giant Visa, Inc., since late 2013? … [Continue reading]

Google Express Delivers For Local Businesses

Google and Amazon are battling over the Holy Grail of e-commerce: same-day delivery of goods purchased online. At stake are not only delivery fees but also online advertising revenues. Google takes the latter very seriously, while Amazon’s most p … [Continue reading]

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