Bob Rankin is a small business owner - a writer, computer programmer and ecommerce expert who enjoys explaining technology in plain English. His work has appeared in Computer World, NY Newsday, and other publications. Bob is also publisher of Ask Bob Rankin, author of several computer books, and owner of Flowers Fast, the online florist service.

Mobile Scanning for Fun and Profit

You know those piles of business cards you acquire at every conference and trade show? Typing those contacts into a database is tedious work that takes hours. The same appplies to receipts, and making sure they are entered into the appropriate … [Continue reading]

Mobilize Your Website (or else…)

Customers are increasingly moving to mobile tablets, phablets, and smartphones to shop and buy online, so if your site is designed for desktop and laptop PCs, you're probably losing business. And there's one other VERY important reason to have a … [Continue reading]

Get Your Business Online Easily

Microsoft and domain registrar Godaddy recently teamed up to offer small businesses a service called Get Online Today, that helps you establish a Web presence “in just a few minutes.” The cost is just $1 per month. Check out this offering, and some … [Continue reading]

How to Make Great Landing Pages

A landing page is a page on your website where visitors “land” after clicking on a link in one of your email advertisements, a search result item, a link on another Web site, a URL on your business card, etc. A landing page makes the difference bet … [Continue reading]

7 Tools To Build Your Virtual Office

There isn’t much need to own office equipment and rent space these days if you take advantage of the many cloud-based productivity tools available. Sole proprietors and even small businesses with employees can operate as virtual, distributed, mobile e … [Continue reading]

Are Chipped Credit Cards Bad for Consumers?

Credit card fraud is rampant. So U.S. banks will soon be getting serious about upgrading credit cards to incorporate the “chip and PIN” EMV security system that most of the developed world has been using for over ten years. But is it a raw deal for … [Continue reading]

Hiring Freelancers Online

Most small businesses use contractors or freelancers for short-term projects such as graphic design, website creation and piecework jobs such as copy writing, photography, and so on. Thanks to the Web it’s never been easier to find independent c … [Continue reading]

Minimize Online Fraud, Maximize Profits

Credit card fraud is a growing threat to online merchants, with losses up more than 33% in 2013 compared to the previous year. Worldwide, about 75% of credit card fraud involves online transactions. If you sell online, you are going to get burned by … [Continue reading]

Tools for Social Media Marketing

More than ten years ago, consumers stopped taking seriously most businesses that didn’t have Web sites. Today, the same stigma is attached to businesses that aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever a consumer’s favorite social media netwo … [Continue reading]

Keeping Tabs On Competitors

It’s not enough in business to just do your own thing, even if you do it exceptionally well. You must also keep tabs on what your competitors are doing because their activities can directly and suddenly impact your bottom line. Here's how to see w … [Continue reading]

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