Bob Rankin is a small business owner - a writer, computer programmer and ecommerce expert who enjoys explaining technology in plain English. His work has appeared in Computer World, NY Newsday, and other publications. Bob is also publisher of Ask Bob Rankin, author of several computer books, and owner of Flowers Fast, the online florist service.

5 Backup Options for Small Businesses

Small business owners, especially sole proprietors, are always busy and often non-technical. They need to back up their critical business data but lack the time or expertise to do it. Fortunately, there are backup solutions designed for small … [Continue reading]

Mobile Phone Plans for Small Business

A small business usually has at least one employee who needs a mobile phone, and often more than one. Carriers offer package deals that can save money versus buying phones for individual accounts. But comparing business plans is just as bewildering … [Continue reading]

Seven Great Laptops for Business Travelers

A reader asks: I travel often for business, and my 5-year-old laptop is showing signs of age. What are some of the differences that make so-called 'business laptops' worth the extra money, and what laptop brands or models do you recommend for … [Continue reading]

Tame Your Paperwork With a Scanner

You want to run your business, but letters, bills, receipts, and other paper documents keep piling up. Some must be kept for years as tax records. What can we do with this growing mountain of paper, besides buy another filing cabinet? Here's the … [Continue reading]

Unsecured Loans – When Your Bank Says NO!

John Good owned Bubbles Galore, a successful car wash business in Davison, Michigan. He had good credit and a great idea to add a dog washing service to his business. When the bank said no to a modest $16,000 loan request, Good went looking online … [Continue reading]

How to Copyright Your Website

You may put a lot of work into your website or blog, only to find someone stealing your content. They call it borrowing and think you should be flattered. But it's theft of your intellectual property. You can guard against this form of thievery by … [Continue reading]

Web Hosting for Small Business

There are hundreds of small business web hosting services from which to choose. How can you find the right one for your small business? Here are some important factors to consider... … [Continue reading]

Get a Toll Free Number

A reader asks: 'I have an online business and would like a toll-free number for customers to reach us. How do 800, 888 and other toll-free numbers work, and how can I get a specific number that I want?' Here's the scoop... … [Continue reading]

Is LinkedIn Trustworthy?

I spend less time and energy with LinkedIn than I do with any other popular social network. I just can’t trust those guys. Trust is the belief that you can predict another person’s behavior with an acceptable degree of confidence, and I have no con … [Continue reading]

What is Crowdfunding?

A reader asks: 'I see people raising money on crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Is this a legitimate way to raise money, and if so, how can I get in on it?' Get the scoop on crowd funding, and see if it can work to help make your … [Continue reading]

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