Is Cloud Computing For Small Business?

“Cloud computing” has rapidly emerged from the “what are you talking about?” stage to become a business buzzword. A new survey by Goldman Sachs forecasts software-as-a-service (SaaS) sales of $106 billion worldwide in 2016, up a phenomenal 21% over 2015 estimates. So why are small business owners so reluctant to use cloud services that can make them more nimble and efficient? Let’s talk a look…[Continue Reading…]

Eight Free Cloud Services You Should Know About

Cloud computing is a simple, versatile concept. Just turn over your data and software needs to the experts up there in “the cloud” of the Internet. Let them worry about storing your data, keeping it secure, organizing it, and maintaining software that lets you manage it. Check out these different types of cloud services that offer convenience, productivity, security and even entertainment…

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