Visa Checkout: Another Way to Pay

Paypal is a familiar name. Apple Pay made a big splash recently. Amazon Payments rings a bell with over 200 million Amazon customers. But have you heard of Visa Checkout, the payment service offered by credit card giant Visa, Inc., since late 2013?
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Are Chipped Credit Cards Bad for Consumers?

Credit card fraud is rampant. So U.S. banks will soon be getting serious about upgrading credit cards to incorporate the “chip and PIN” EMV security system that most of the developed world has been using for over ten years. But is it a raw deal for consumers? Read on for the full story…

Minimize Online Fraud, Maximize Profits

Credit card fraud is a growing threat to online merchants, with losses up more than 33% in 2013 compared to the previous year. Worldwide, about 75% of credit card fraud involves online transactions. If you sell online, you are going to get burned by credit cards now and then. But there are steps you can take to minimize your losses…

Do Chipped Credit Cards Protect Against Fraud?

Everyone agrees that credit and debit card fraud is a huge problem that costs consumers, merchants, and card-issuing banks billions of dollars per year. Making cards more difficult to ‘clone’ is one measure that can cut fraud dramatically. So-called ‘chipped cards’ using embedded microchips are much safer, but do they eliminate all danger? Here is how chipped cards compare to traditional magnetic-stripe cards…

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